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Weekend e-book offer

Our 2 e-book offers this weekend are:

A Soldier's Best Friend, Stephen Paul Stewart

Ten ***** star reviews on Amazon

'The dogs are prized not just for their noses, they also serve as a morale booster and a reminder of home in harsh conditions. The Taliban are in no doubt as to their value. Attacks on Army dogs have soared and, in February the insurgents released a video of a captured military dog.' -Francesca Angelini, Sunday Times

Military working dogs are silently winning the war against the world’s deadliest insurgents; day after day saving soldiers’ lives in the most dangerous country on the planet. Many have been rescue animals, neglected or mistreated by their owners before being given a new lease of life on the front line. From the featureless plains of Helmand and Kandahar to military bases in Germany, army dog teams work day and night to keep us safe but, until recently, their courage and sacrifice has not been fully understood or appreciated.

In A Soldier’s Best Friend, award-winning journalist Stephen Paul Stewart employs in-depth interviews together with years of research and frontline reportage to tell their gripping and emotional stories for the first time. In this unprecedented account of the dogs’ close relationships with their handlers, Stewart reveals their extraordinary heroism and action-packed lives.

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Abraham and His Son: The story of a story, James Goodman

'Erudite, intellectually playful exploration of a prophet's readiness to sacrifice his son and how the story has been understood and misunderstood over three millennia by three religions. It could have been dull; it is far from it.' -Scottish Review

I didn't think he'd do it. I really didn't think he would. I thought he'd say, whoa, hold on, wait a minute. We made a deal, remember, the land, the blessing, the nation, the descendants as numerous as the sands on the shore and the stars in the sky. A mere nineteen lines in the book of Genesis, it rests at the heart of the history, literature, theology and sacred rituals of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Writing from the vantage of a reader, a son, a Jew, a father, a sceptic, a historian, a lover of stories and a writer, Goodman gives us an enthralling narrative that moves from its biblical origins to the cultures and faiths of our time. He introduces us to the commentary of Second Temple sages, rabbis and priests of the late antiquity, and early Islamic scholars. He examines Syriac hymns, Hebrew chronicles of the First Crusade, and medieval English mystery plays. He looks at the art of Europe s golden age, and the panoply of twentieth-century interpretation, including the work of Bob Dylan, Elie Wiesel, and A. B. Yehoshua. In illuminating how so many others have understood this tale, Goodman tells a gripping and provocative story of his own.

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