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Janice Brown’s favourite holiday destinations.

Author Janice Brown’s latest novel, Through Every Human Heart (Sandstone Press) is out this month.

Glasgow-based Janice, 65, had her first work published in The Sunday Post and carried on to have a successful career writing teen fiction.

However, she was hit by severe depression following the death of her parents before battling back and changing tack to write books for adults.

Janice and husband Ian have three children and five grandkids.

Here are her favourite holiday moments.

“My favourite place in the world is Kuala Lumpur.

Ian used to teach out there for a few months each year and I’d go back tomorrow.

The food is just out of this world.

You have Chinese, Indian and Malay in order of how hot it is, but it’s all wonderful.

There are five-star hotels where you can eat for much less than you expect.

And then there are the street stalls, open air but under cover, where you get these fantastic grilled dishes served on bamboo sticks.

They work out how much you owe by the number of sticks left on your plate.

If you’re a lady who loves to shop, like myself, then it’s the place to go as the malls are massive and the stores a match for anything you’ll find in New York.

It’s such a place of contrasts.

It’s wonderfully hot but you always need to carry an umbrella as when it rains it’s like nothing you’ve seen before.

And you have this clash of fantastic 21st Century buildings sitting right next to a piece of land that’s always been owned by a Malay family and someone still tends their goats on it.

It’s so amazingly different from the places that are close to my heart in this country.

When I was a kid we used to go to a caravan in Portpatrick – it’s a fabulous but overlooked corner of Scotland.

People miss it by whizzing past on their way to and from England.

I was an only child but there were always other kids on the caravan site and we had so much fun there and the beach.

My dad was an artist and I have so many happy memories sitting drawing with him.

The other place that I love in the UK is the Yorkshire Dales.

We’ve stayed a lot at a farmhouse with friends at Nunnington, close to Leyburn, and there is such a fantastic, relaxed pace of life.

It seemed to be the sort of place where you’d chat to a sheep farmer and a 10-mile radius really was his world.

“Individuals still matter – and I don’t think you could find a bad place for a pub lunch if you tried!”

Bill Gibb, 27th June 2015

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