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February March 2013 Newsletter

Posted by RLD on 7th March 2013

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With spring arriving early in the Highlands of Scotland we are delighted to announce the beginning of our publishing programme for the year. More ambitious, more international than ever, we take our fiction list to the Pacific Rim, back to the Napoleonic War era and forward to a dystopian future, with great new crime and romance titles; while our non-fiction ventures into the ancient pinewoods, onto the fells, the mountains and into the skies to reflect both a sense of adventure and a real sense of concern and appreciation of our environment; we visit Columba’s Iona on the 1450th anniversary of the saint’s arrival, and return to Cold War Europe with The Tailor of Inverness. Meanwhile, our first two titles have been released in both hard paperback and ebook forms, and the second two are in the warehouse

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Julian Lees’ follow up to 2010’s The Fan Tan Players is already garnering fine reviews. Rosy Thornton, author of last year’s Ninepins, describes it as ‘a compelling novel about the power of female friendship’. Running along a lifetime’s duration it encompasses pre-war Cambridge, occupied Malaysia, and Malaysia during the Communist Insurgency. At its heart though, is the friendship of two women and their love for a daughter. This title is available both as paperback and ebook now.

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With the effects of global warming ever more apparent, Cameron Dueck acquired the yacht Silent Sound and sailed through the Northwest Passage, which is now occasionally open, from the Pacific to the Atlantic around Canada’s northern coast. This feat has been accomplished by far fewer people than have stood on the summit of Everest. On this voyage to the front line of climate change the crew encountered ice, wildlife, and a native population struggling to meet the challenges that not only changing climate bring but also the modern world. Cameron’s film of the voyage, also titled The New Northwest Passage recently won Best Documentary at the Real to Real Film Festival in Winnipeg. The book is available as both paperback and ebook now.

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THE OTTOMAN MOTEL Christopher Currie

This gripping mystery was short listed for the Commonwealth Book Prize in 2012. Jane Rogers, author of The Testament of Jessie Lamb, has this to say about it: ‘Vividly and engagingly written, THE OTTOMAN MOTEL speeds the reader through a plot full of surprising twists and turns. Small-town Australia at its most sinister.’ It is a story of injured childhood which is also tense and page turning. The Ottoman Motel will be available as paperback and ebook on the 21st March but can be pre-ordered now.

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WHITE RIVER Jamie Whittle

This title was one of Sandstone’s early successes and is now being made available in a more popular format across Britain and Ireland. Jamie Whittle is both an environmental lawyer and traveller. As such he brings a different voice to the planet’s very real environmental concerns but one that is as appreciative, and poetic, as that of any artist or scientist. I it Jamie walks to the source of the Findhorn in Morayshire, one of Scotland’s great rivers, and canoes back down to its mouth. White River describes what he sees and the people he meets while discussing its future and its place in the wider environment. White River will be available as paperback and ebook on the 21st March but can be pre-ordered now.

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