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The Trout by Peter Cunningham: fishing for truth of clerical abuse

Two issues lie at the heart of The Trout. The first is elusive childhood memory; the second is the ability of whole societies to deny the evidence of their eyes. As adults, we all know the moments when we suddenly smell something, or taste something, or see or hear something, and for the...

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Does International Aid Have A Future?

As public purse strings tighten, international aid is under the microscope. Adapt but don’t cut it off, says Chris McIvor Frequently, newspapers have urged cuts in government aid, while the work of organisations has come under scrutiny. Is international development aid a force for good? Yes,...

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An Ancient Permanence?

My Aunt Sybil (sadly not the figure in black bombazine and lorgnette her name might suggest – think Gore Tex® and stout hiking shoes) on a recent visit to my part of Suffolk said it reminded her of the countryside when she was growing up, during and shortly after the war. ‘Timeless’ was the...

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'My mother left Ireland with only a hat-box after poisoning her mother’s geese.'

This was the place. Across the field and into the graveyard beside the ruined chapel under the white hawthorn, where my grandparents were buried in an unmarked grave in Tipperary. Had there been a gravestone, the least it might have recorded would have been that John and Kate Kavanagh were...

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Launching Upbeat: The Story of the National Youth Orchestra of Iraq

The past week has been hectic, with interviews from the Times, BBC World Service, Reuters, BBC Radio Ulster and Scotland, to name the ones I can even remember. UPBEAT: the Story of the National Youth Orchestra of Iraq, is catching fire across the whole nation, as well as overseas.  Our...

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