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Next Clockwork Orange sought for The Novella Award

An international novella writing competition, aiming to find a short novel to rival Hemingway's The Old Man of the Sea or Burgess's A Clockwork Orange, is this year being hosted by Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU). Only in its second year, The Novella Award is designed to discover great...

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Sunday Times Review Horst's latest crime novel

The Norwegian author Jorn Lier Horst is a former detective, and his novels offer an insider's take on murder investigations. The Caveman (Sandstone Press £8.99 / ST Bookshop £8.54 / ebook £8.99), translated by Anne Bruce, refers to police slang for a murderer who takes over the victim's...

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Freedom of Expression

It is not possible to remain silent in the face of today's atrocity in Paris. Freedom of expression, which means freedom to criticise and to satirise, is as much a basic building block of democracy as is freedom of worship. It is also our business. Our thoughts are with those who lost their lives...

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New Internationalist: Four star review for The Drum Tower

Iranian writer Farnoosh Moshiri has undergone experiences in her own life that a fiction writer would hesitate to deal out to a character. She fled into exile with her young son in 1983 as the Islamic regime began a wave of arrests and executions of political activists, intellectuals and...

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It's not a war novel, it's a coming-home novel

Author T. Jefferson Parker tells the story behind his new book For the past few years I've been teaching writing to American veterans of war. Some of these men and women fought in Korea and Vietnam, though most have been in the Middle East. But wherever they served, a great many of them...

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