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Daniel Shand wins the Betty Trask Award 2017

Daniel Shand has been named the winner of this year's £10,000 Betty Trask Prize for his darkly comic novel Fallow (Sandstone Press) at the Society of Authors’ annual awards. Meanwhile the first ever self-published novel on the Betty Trask shortlist, Speak its Name by Kathleen Jowitt, was...

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Meet the author: Lesley Kelly

When did you first start writing? And what made you start? I was a definitely late starter – I was well into my thirties before I wrote anything.  On a whim, I wrote a short story for the Leith Festival Short Story competition in 2004, which I won.  And like a gambler who wins the first...

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The Great Horizon: Fifty astonishing stories of exploration

Fifty astonishing stories of exploration, gathered from the archives of the Royal Scottish Geographical Society by Jo Woolf, RSGS Writer-in-Residence A Repository of Stories RSGS is a repository of some of the best adventure stories of the last century and a half. Since HM Stanley gave our...

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Making Space: The Book Purge

The Book Purge by Sarah Tierney Erik, one of the central characters in Making Space, is a book hoarder. And although I have never owned as many books as he does, I used to have far more than was sensible for someone living in a small room in a shared house. At that time, I was working as...

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Jorn Lier Horst longlisted for the CWA Daggers

Jorn Lier Horst and his translator, Anne Bruce, have been longlisted for the CWA International Dagger for When It Grows Dark. This award is for crime novels (defined by the broadest definition including thrillers, suspense novels and spy fiction) as long as the book was not originally written in...

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