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Animal Lovers by Rob Palk

RRP: £8.99
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781912240036
Publication Date: 15/02/2018
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Animal Lovers

Rob Palk

When Stuart marries Marie after a serious illness, he doesn’t foresee her leaving him within four months of their honeymoon. She becomes passionately involved in protesting the badger cull, abandoning him to join fellow activists in the Gloucestershire woods. Stuart refuses to admit it’s over, feigning an interest in badgers in order to win her back. Though he’s accounted for her attachment to the badgers, he hasn’t considered her burgeoning interest in Henry, a handsome protester. As tensions rise and new relationships form, secrets bubble to the surface – including some which may have been best left hidden. 

Rob Palk

Rob Palk portrait

Rob Palk wrote his first book while recovering from a nearly fatal illness and the collapse of his marriage. This book was written in London, Burgundy and Haifa but the author now lives in Leicester...

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‘Rob Palk has a fine eye for a punch-line and a poignant turn of phrase, often within the same sentence. This is a bitterly funny book about the strange places life can take you – including badger habitats.’
-Mark Watson, Comedian

‘A beautiful piece of work, witty and profound, and mottled with sadness.’
-Anthony McGowan

‘A darkly comic novel that is as beautiful as it is profound’
-Great Central

‘Slick and polished... Palk’s elegant writing style is repeatedly punctured by a superb sense of comic timing and incisive observational humour.’
-Jonny Sweet, The Wee Review

‘I loved this book. Funny, touching, and brilliantly written. Animal Lovers manages to combine humour, pathos, animal rights and the perfectly captured head-mess that is heartbreak in one engaging, hard to put down book. I raced through it in an afternoon, revelling in how Palk manages to make even the most ridiculous situations so plausible, grounded and human. Or in some cases, badger.’
-Tiernan Douieb