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Kat at Best Books To Read ... loves Rosy Thornton’s Ninepins

Posted by RLD on 26th June 2012

Specialising in women’s fiction, Best Books To Read ... gives a very particular view of the books she likes. Kat gets a lot…

Fascinating pilgrimage: Richie McCaffrey reviews 18 Bookshops for Northwords Now

Posted by RLD on 24th June 2012

Northwords Now has posted this glowing appreciation by Richie McCaffrey of Anne Scott’s 18 Bookshops in that section of its web site given to…

The Romantic Novelists Association interviews Rosy Thornton

Posted by RLD on 16th June 2012

The Romantic Novelists Association has posted this fascinating interview with Rosy Thornton You can read the original here.

Today we…

The Inverness Courier interviews Chris McIvor on In the Old Chief’s Country

Posted by RLD on 12th June 2012

Calum MacLeod, journalist and crime reviewer with Shots, crime and thriller ezine, took the opportunity to interview Chris McIvor for the Inverness Courier while Chris…

‘Find me a book that has more than one publisher’s logo on its spine!’ asks The Scotsman’s Bookworm

Posted by RLD on 10th June 2012

With over a month to go before publication of the new edition of Jane Rogers’ ‘The Testament of Jessie Lamb’, Bookworm in The Scotsman

‘Why I Love Independent Publishers’ Sally Zigmond at The Elephant in the Writing Room

Posted by RLD on 8th June 2012

In an article titled ‘Why I Love Independent Publishers’, posted 6th June on The Elephant in the Writing Room, Sally Zigmond

Rainy Days and Mondays looks at Ninepins from a single parent perspective

Posted by RLD on 4th June 2012

Continuing the extraordinary internet appreciation of Rosy Thornton’s Ninepins, bookblog Rainy Days and Mondays takes a look at this perceptive novel from…