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‘A world without hiding places.’ Sarah Moss reviews The Surfacing in The Guardian

Posted by RLD on 18th October 2014

Sarah Moss has published this perceptive and highly appreciated review of Cormac James’s The Surfacing in The Guardian.

The last expedition of Sir John Franklin…

‘A superb novel’ Jackie McGlone meets Cormac James in The Herald

Posted by RLD on 21st September 2014

The Sunday Herald has published this superb interview/review of Cormac James and The Surfacing. Jackie McGlone is widely recognised as one of the most perceptive critics in…

David Hennessy interviews Cormac James in The Irish World

Posted by RLD on 19th September 2014

David Hennessy has published this illuminating interview in The Irish World with Cormac James on his amazing novel, The Surfacing, already in reprint from Sandstone Press…

The Drum Tower gets a starred review from Kirkus Magazine

Posted by RLD on 15th September 2014

Kirkus Magazine in the USA has given our October title, The Drum Tower, a starred review and sent congratulations.

Family secrets, letters to a ghost father, and…

The Boston Review interviews Peter Ross on Daunderlust

Posted by RLD on 14th September 2014

The Boston Review has published this article by Stephen Phelan in which he speaks to Sandstone author Peter Ross about his book, Daunderlust, as well as a…