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‘Cool precision draws you on’ The Irish Times reviews The Surfacing

Posted by RLD on 29th August 2014

First to review The Surfacing is Arminta Wallace in the Irish Times.

The recent blustery weather has provoked a chorus of laments about dark evenings,…

Bookbrunch anticipates The Surfacing by Cormac James

Posted by RLD on 28th August 2014

Bookbrunch has published this anticipatory piece for what will be one of the year’s big literary hits, The Surfacing, the second novel from Cormac James.


Alison Napier reviews The Stillman for Northwords Now

Posted by RLD on 29th July 2014

Alison Napier has delivered this penetrating and appreciative review of Ton McCulloch’s The Stillman to Northwords Now.

Many books have made me shiver over the…

Flanagan’s Run reviewed in Independent on Sunday

Posted by RLD on 29th July 2014

The Independent on Sunday has published this brief but appreciative review of Tom McNab’s Flanagan’s Run

Flanagan’s new print run

As one of Britain’s leading national athletics coaches,…

Tom McNab tells Bookbrunch about Flanagan’s Run

Posted by RLD on 24th July 2014

Tom McNab was asked to provide this article on the origins of Flanagan’s Run by Bookbrunch, one of the principal online trade journals. As you will see, he has done…